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Things you may want to know

First of all, who are you?
We’re a two-piece screenprint and poster art studio. We live and work – work, more than live - near Rome, Italy. We’re no good writing about ourselves, so this one is the best bio you can aim to find. Do you really care to know some more? Write us an email, we’re always glad to meet new people and poster lovers!

How are your posters made?
Each thing you’ll see on this shop has been first of all thinked on A LOT, with lots of effort in choosing between alternatives, then hand-drawn, transferred on a computer for coloring and films separation. Every poster is an handmade screenprint, meaning that we actually print each color layer of each copy. No semi-automatic, just hurting backs and arms (yes, we’re kinda weak). Than we sign and number all the good ones, while the not-so-good copies are thrown down from an high rock, Spartan style. Hahah, we’re kidding. Stamped on the back, they become our business cards.

How do you ship your posters?
We put the maximum effort in shipping our posters. And we’re talking about maniacal level of effort, ‘cause for us is like setting up a child for a long trip. We use 3-mm thick heavy cardboard tubes, and we roll our prints in paper, separating ‘em with paper in case of multiple orders. So basically lots of tree died to let you have your poster safe and sound (but don’t feel guilty, it’s for a noble reason). We even wrap it in plastic to protect it from rain. Even if it’s summer. Being poster fans before than printmakers, we know how important is care in packaging, so we really do our best to deliver our posters in mint conditions.

I noticed there is one little spot, 1 mm of misalignment, a microscopic area where the color is different. Does this mean my print is not good?
Please consider that everything you could order from this website is handmade. So very little differences between prints may exists; but in the way we see handmade screenprint, those little differences made your poster even more valuable, cause they make it one of a kind, and in them you can see the artist’s working hand. They reminds you it’s something made by hand in this times of technology. Before signing and numbering our posters editions, we spend lot of times separating the prints that are worth selling from the no good ones, so you can be sure that your poster was valuated, was chosen and was loved.

Tomorrow is my girlfriend/boyfriend’s birthday. It’s too late to order your poster as a gift?
Definitely. Hurry outside and grab something else.

But how much time does shipping needs ?
We ship our tubes with ordinary shipping, so times may vary between 10-15 days for Europe to max.25 for the rest of the world. We tried to keep our shipping costs as low as possible, but if you look for a faster shipping, just write us before placing your order. In any case, we can provide you a receipt number for our shipment. We saw you can use it to track your tube on USPS website, we hope you can use it aswell for tracking other foreing company deliveries.

Which payment methods do you accepts?
As commanded by Bigcartel, everything here rotates around Paypal. You don’t have a Paypal account? But it’s so easy and useful! Go make one at www.paypal.com